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 GRID DLC Coming (360, PS3)

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PostSubject: GRID DLC Coming (360, PS3)   GRID DLC Coming (360, PS3) Icon_minitimeMon Jul 07, 2008 2:13 am

Codemasters has announced the contend of the first DLC (DownLoadable Content) for GRID.

Codemasters wrote:
The McLaren F1 was never intended to race. Throughout its gestation, the intention of chief engineer Gordon Murray was to create the ultimate sports car for the road. Racing-derived technology would be used, such as the carbon fibre construction, but it was always intended as a car for the road – with no consideration given to racing it.

However, during the period between the F1 being conceptualised and coming into production the racing landscape changed. Throughout the 1980s, sportscar and endurance racing had been based around the closed prototypes of Group C, (such as the Mazda 787b featured in GRID). In the early 90s, though, Group C effectively collapsed- the usual story of out-of-control budgets and dwindling interest. The cars had become, in the opinion of many, little more than F1 cars with roofs and wheel arches. Many people, fans and manufacturers, had called for endurance racing to return to its road-car roots, and install a GT formula as the premier class, and so, with a gap in the global schedule where Group C once was, the BPR Global GT championship was born.

By this time the F1 road car was in production and it didn’t take race teams very long to realise that a racing version of the F1 would be a very competitive prospect in Global GT Racing.

McLaren agreed, and the F1 GTR was born. Aesthetically, the seemed little changed, apart from the downforce-producing wing at the rear of the car. Internally, the cabin was stripped and a rollcage added, racing brakes were fitted, many cooling ducts were built into the car. One notable feature is that the race car had less overall power than the road versions, due to the restrictor demanded by the regulations. This shortfall was easily offset by the race car’s reduced weight. One final item of note is that the 1995 race cars used the standard road car’s gearbox.

On the track, the F1 GTR was an instant success, winning first time out at Jerez, and took the 1995 BPR championship. Le Mans was the one they were not expected to win- not part of any global championship, it was still home to several purpose-built sports-prototype entries, which dominated the grid after qualifying. After 24 hours of racing, the story was different- McLaren placing 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th, the prototypes having fallen by the wayside.

In all, 28 F1 GTRs were built to varying specifications. Some have since been converted to a road-legal state. They are among the most desirable collectors’ cars in the world.

They're also holding a contest regarding the DLC, whereby users can design a livery (paint job) for the car.

Codemasters wrote:
We’ve always said that GRID was going to be supported with post-release Downloadable Content (DLC for short), but we’ve never really allowed ourselves to be drawn on the content itself.

Today, We’re officially announcing the first car to be included, and offering a unique chance to make your mark on it.

That Car, the first of several officially-licensed cars to be included in the pack, the McLaren F1 GTR (for aficionados, that’s the early short-tail version). You’ll be able to read more info on this awesome car here in a new Car Focus article.

Now, to the competition. What we want you to do is design us a livery for the Car- an official “Codemasters Racing Team” livery. You don’t have to be a pixel-pushing whiz, we’re looking for a striking design, making good use of the shape of the car and the sponsor logo. It’s the design that we’re interested in, not necessarily the art skill used to get it across. The base colours are fairly free- you can see that our logo appears in lots of different colours, depending on where it appears.
The winning entry will be made into game art by GRID’s art team and will appear in the game as an official livery for the car.

How do you show us your design? You can download a template image of the car Here. When you’ve created your design (you don’t have to use the template) send it in an email to competitions@codemasters.com with “livery design” in the subject line.
The closing date for the competition is the 25th of July.
The Prize? In addition to a load of GRID swag, you’ll also get a framed high-resolution render of your car as it will appear in the game. And of course, the privilege of having your design work featured in the world’s greatest racing game. (subject to approval).


GRID DLC Coming (360, PS3) Icemanps6
GRID DLC Coming (360, PS3) IceMan+PJN
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GRID DLC Coming (360, PS3)
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