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 3rd-Party Games Do Sell on Nintendo Hardware

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PostSubject: 3rd-Party Games Do Sell on Nintendo Hardware   Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:33 am

Denise Kaigler, Vice President of Coporate Affairs for Nintendo of America, at E3 told GameDaily BIZ "There is an assumption out there that just simply isn't true... We're setting the record straight. This is fact," and presented a chart (below).

"We are selling third-party games and they are doing very well, and better than our competitors."

According to the chart, which shows monthly US sales data from the time all three platforms were available (19 months), Wii software has outsold Xbox 360 and especially PlayStation 3 software by a huge margin. Unfortunately, the chart does include Nintendo's franchises among these game sales, so it's difficult to say how just the third-party sales would appear by themselves, but surely third-party software must account for at least half of that, which would still be great. GameDaily contacted NPD and asked for such figures, but as of yet have not received it for posting.



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3rd-Party Games Do Sell on Nintendo Hardware
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